How to Find a Well-Trained Dog Trainer

Got a dog? One thing you need to realize as a dog owner is that it needs good training from childhood up. Too many damages and wastage are being incurred time after time due to untrained canines acting wildly to no control in and outside of the home. Children are bitten by untrained dogs; people get killed by furious dogs; the list goes on. Good training helps your dog become tamed and learn how to get along other animals and people. It also ensures they make the most out of their life, that is, they learn to play, have fun, eat well, and do chores.

Finding a behaviorist trainer for your dog is not an easy task though. Many self-proclaimed trainers get the job from pet owners even when do they do not have deep know-how in the field. This can be dangerous too. Please find below the tips you need to find a well-trained trainer for your dog.

Tips in Choosing a Competent Trainer for Your Dog


One of the first few indicators of a potential dog trainer is member with well-known and legitimate dog training organizations. Now what does membership to a dog training organization signify? Every dog training organization establishes a unique culture for trainer. They also have rules and policies that each of their members must abide. When a particular trainer is a member of a certain organization, that means he or she is bounded to perform proper dog training practices. Since he or she is not all by himself, you can be better sure he or she is into standards. But then again, this is not enough.


When in the lookout for a dog trainer, another factor to consider are training certifications. Certifications acquired from dog training education courses may be considered as a solid sign of ability and skill. All throughout the course, students are taught of the theories of dog behavioral training. From there they get the ‘know’ part. Part of the course is practical training which means students are being put into hands-on learning activity of training dogs under certain conditions or with some known behavioral issues. When looking for someone who can train your dog, always have an eye for certifications because they are firm evidences of skill as well as of ability.


On the final note, you should crosscheck the dog trainer’s reputation together with his or her memberships and training certifications. Apart from knowledge, skills and abilities, the trainer’s character in handling clients also plays a role. You want a dog trainer who deals with you politely and professionally as a client and the boss. You want a dog trainer who will be nice to your canines and rough only when it is a part of the training. In order to find out more about the reputation of the candidate dog trainer, check feedback and reviews of his or her previous clients, which can be found in social media pages, online forum websites, and local dog trainer blogs.

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